Professional Devices

RapcoHorizon Professional series interfacing devices are professional, rugged solutions for a multitude of interfacing situations in audio connectivity. From Direct Boxes, to Testers, Splitters, Combiners, Isolation, Laptop interfacing and much more. A complete series of solutions that are rugged, dependable, and use the highest quality components for any live sound recording situation.
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DB-1 Direct Box

DB-1SL Direct Box

SL-2 Direct Box

IL-2 IsoLine Box

IL-3 IsoLine Box

MC-1 Mic Combiner

MS-1 Mic Splitter

DB-2 Direct Box

CT-1 Tester

STL-1 Stereo Direct Box

TDI-1 Tape Deck Interface

Audio Video Interface

A/B Box

LTI-1 Laptop Interface

SL-4 Rack Mount DI

19 Results (Viewing 1 - 15 of 19)