Evo Instrument

<P>Evolution instrument cables are constructed using the finest "soft touch" PVC compounds available, using premium OFC copper, and a low capacitance design to ensure full spectrum frequency reproduction, and no microphonic handling noise.</P> <P>Genuine Neutrik 1/4" connectors featuring gold plated contacts and a 360 degree chuck style strain relief provide long lasting performance and unrivaled pull strength. &nbsp;Available with straight or right angle connectors.</P> <P>Evolution's maximum density spiral (serve) shield delivers maximum protection against any unwanted interference, while exhibiting excellent flexibility. &nbsp;</P> <P>And Evolution cables are available at market prices substantially below the closest comparable quality cables.</P> <P>DID YOU KNOW?</P> <P>Evolution wire is extruded in Pro Co’s wire facility in Leominster, MA. &nbsp;Our quality control processes are in place from the very beginning when we select the optimum copper cores, and specific premium compounds for insulation and jacketing. &nbsp;This 100% quality control is a critical component of Evolution’s consistent performance success.</P>
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3 Results (Viewing 1 - 3 of 3)