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G1 Series Guitar Cables

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G1 Series Guitar Cables


RapcoHorizon's most popular selling guitar cable, utilizing an ultra flexible matte PVC jacket material for durability.  Each RapcoHorizon G1 cable is terminated with high quality nickel-plated 1/4" connectors which offer years of superior performance and maximum value.  Like all RapcoHorizon assemblies, the G1 Series cables are individually tested for performance and quality.  Available with alternate choices of connector brands to meet different preferences and price points.

Common lengths (in feet):  1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30. Other lengths available upon request.

Available in black, blue, purple, red, and yellow.  Neon colors available are neon blue, neon green, and neon pink.


• Hi-Z unbalanced instrument cable for interfacing instrument level gear with amplifiers (Guitars, Bass Guitars, Keyboards and other unbalanced Hi-Z signal sources)

• Utilizing a serve shield for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility

• Low capacitance cable offers an expanded frequency response

• Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory

• Pure copper conductor and shield

• G1S Series features an added shrink strain relief utilizing a heat shrink process over the barrel of each connector

• Additional options of Neutrik or Switchcraft connectors available

• Custom imprints can be added to the shrink process for a personal touch


Conductor Gauge:
Shield Coverage:
Characteristic Impedance:
D.C. Resistance @ 20°C:

(1)24 gauge
Composite conductive vinyl and copper serve
Matte PVC
25 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz

Model Number

Replace x in model number with length

Model # G1-x
Model # G1-x.B
Model # G1-x.P
Model # G1-x.R
Model # G1-x.Y
Model # G1-x.NB
Model # G1-x.NG
Model # G1-x.NP
Model # G1-xPR
Model # G1-xPR.B
Model # G1-xPR.P
Model # G1-xPR.R
Model # G1-xPR.Y
Model # G1-xPR.NB
Model # G1-xPR.NG
Model # G1-xPR.NP
Model # G1-xRR
Model # G1-xRR.B
Model # G1-xRR.P
Model # G1-xRR.R
Model # G1-xRR.Y
Model # G1-xRR.NB
Model # G1-xRR.NG
Model # G1-xRR.NP
Model # G1S-x
Model # G1S-xPR
Model # G1S-xRR
Model # NG1-x
Model # NG1-xPR
Model # NG1-xRR
Model # NBG1-x
Model # SG1-x
Model # SG1-xPR
Model # SG1-xRR

Black cable (2) 1/4 inch
Blue cable (2) 1/4 inch
Purple cable (2) 1/4 inch
Red cable (2) 1/4 inch
Yellow cable (2) 1/4 inch
Neon Blue cable (2) 1/4 inch
Neon Green cable (2) 1/4 inch
Neon Pink cable (2) 1/4 inch
Black cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Blue cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Purple cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Red cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Yellow cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Neon Blue cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Neon Green cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Neon Pink cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle
Black cable (2) rt angles
Blue cable (2) rt angles
Purple cable (2) rt angles
Red cable (2) rt angles
Yellow cable (2) rt angles
Neon Blue cable (2) rt angles
Neon Green cable (2) rt angles
Neon Pink cable (2) rt angles
Black cable (2) 1/4 inch with shrink over barrel
Black cable (1) 1/4 inch to (1) rt angle with shrink over barrel
Black cable (2) rt angles with shrink over barrel
Black cable (2) Neutrik 1/4 inch
Black cable (1) Neutrik 1/4 inch to (1) Neutrik rt angle
Black cable (2) Neutrik rt angles
Black cable (2) Neutrik black 1/4 inch
Black cable (2) Switchcraft 1/4 inch
Black cable (1) Switchcraft 1/4 inch to (1) Switchcraft rt angle
Black cable (2) Switchcraft rt angles


Limited Lifetime Warranty

All RapcoHorizon cable assemblies carry a full limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defect in materials and workmanship.  Custom lengths or configurations carry a 1 year warranty.  Cables returned for warranty should be sent freight prepaid to our factory at the address listed below.

Please include proof of purchase, a brief description of the problem and your name and return shipping address.   Qualifying cables will be repaired or replaced at our discretion and shipped to the return address provided via normal ground service.

The RapcoHorizon Company
3581 Larch Lane
Jackson, MO 63755

Cross Reference


Replace x in model number with length

Obsolete Horizon #
Model # HC-x
Model # HCS-x

Obsolete Rapco #
Model # LNP-x
Model # PR-x

Replaced by current RHC #
Model # G1-x
Model # G1S-x